Internet Interviews

"Documentarists of Japan, No. 18: Kawaguchi Hajime." Interviewed by Aaron Gerow. Documentary Box 20 (2002): 2-12. access

Kawaguchi talks about the intersection between experimental filmmaking and personal documentary.

"Documentarists of Japan, No. 14: Kawase Naomi." Interviewed by Aaron Gerow. Documentary Box 16 (2000): 2-16. access

I discuss the documentaries of Kawase Naomi with the director of Suzaku and The Mourning Forest.

"Documentarists of Japan, No. 13: Tsuchiya Yutaka." Interviewed by Aaron Gerow. Documentary Box 15 (2000): 1-8. access

Tsuchiya talks about politics and contemporary Japanese youth culture in The New God.

"Documentarists of Japan, No. 12: Koreeda Hirokazu." Interviewed by Tanaka Junko and Aaron Gerow. Documentary Box 13 (1999): 1-10. access

We talk about not only Koreeda's TV documentaries, but also the metaphors of documentary in After Life.

"Documentarists of Japan, No. 9: Matsumoto Toshio." Interviewed by A.A. Gerow. Documentary Box 9 (1996): 6-13. access

The leading practitioner and theorist of experimental documentary discusses especially his work in the 1960s.

"Documentarists of Japan, No. 7: Tsuchimoto Noriaki." Interviewed by Yasui Yoshio and A.A. Gerow. Documentary Box 8 (1995): 6-14. access

Tsuchimoto talks at length about the Minimata series and the ethics of documentary.

"Documentarists of Japan, No. 5: Prokino."  Interviewed by Makino Mamoru and A.A. Gerow. Documentary Box 5 (1994): 6-13. access

We talk with Noto Setsuo and Komori Shizuo, two members of Prokino, the left-wing filmmaking group that was suppressed by the state in the early 1930s.

Print Interviews

Here are a view of my interviews in print that I have uploaded to my Yale repository:

“Intervista a Tamura Masaki.” Interviewed by Aaron Gerow. Yanagimachi Mitsuo. Eds. Maria Roberta Novielli, Fiammetta Girola, and Bruno Fornara. Bergamo: Bergamo Film Meeting 99, 1999. Pp. 55-59. Yale repository.

An interview with the cinematographer Tamura Masaki (田村正毅) that I did for the catalog produced on the occasion of a retrospective of the films of Yanagimachi Mitsuo held at the Bergamo Film Meeting in 1999. I conducted the interview with Tamura in Japanese, mostly focusing on his work with Yanagimachi in films such as Farewell to the Land, Himatsuri, and Tabi suru Pao-jiang-hu. I also supplied an introduction. Maria Roberta Novielli translated it into Italian.

"Documentarists of Japan, No. 2: An Interview with Hara Kazuo."  Interviewed by A.A. Gerow. Documentary Box 3 (1993): 12-18. Yale repository

An interview I did with the documentary filmmaker Hara Kazuo in 1993. He talks about his early career, his celebrated film The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On, and a recent television documentary Yellow Cabs. He also discusses the difficulties of filming his documentary on Inoue Mitsuharu (released as A Dedicated Life), which he was completing at the time. Also see my blog post.

Video Interviews

I am always embarrassed about my appearances on TV or YouTube, but given the nature of this site, I should at least introduce them.

Here is an interview I did with The MacMillan Report at Yale.

And here is an interview I gave with the WildGrounds website.

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