Aoyama Shinji and Fifty Contemporary Film Directors


One of the few in-depth, analytical essays on Aoyama Shinji in English was my essay in Yvonne Tasker's Fifty Contemporary Filmmakers (Routledge, 2002). Recently Routledge decided to put out a second edition, so I had the opportunity to not only update, but also improve the essay. The first time around I was given a strict word limit and probably did not succeed as well as I could have in accounting in that short space for not only his films but also his theoretical writings. A few years' distance and an understanding Yvonne, however, provided me with the room to better explain the complexity of his ideas. I was very thankful for the chance to rewrite it. This is definitely a better account of his work. Finally the second edition is now available under the new title of Fifty Contemporary Film Directors. Check it out if you can.

Update: I have made this article available on the Yale repository.

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