Graduate Programs in Japanese Film Studies

It's been another long gap between postings. I've been swamped finishing up some books and revisions. I've finally finished most of that work, but soon we'll be heading into the last weeks of the semester.

Which reminds me it's the time of year that some students have to work on applications for  graduate school. I get a lot of inquiries about places to study Japanese film in North America, so I thought I'd present a list here of graduate programs that I've given out on KineJapan before. It is not complete by any means, and each university offers different programs. Some are specialized in East Asian cinema, some are just general film studies or Japan studies programs. Some offer doctoral degrees, some only masters. Basically, the list is composed of those universities with a recognized Japanese film specialist. It can change as new people appear, and others move and fade away. Contact these people and programs if you want to find out more details. (These are in no particular order, other than putting my program first.)

Yale University (we have a separate PhD program in East Asian cinema)

University of Michigan (Mark Nornes)

University of Chicago (Michael Raine)

New York University (Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto)

University of Minnesota (Mark Anderson)

University of Oregon (Daisuke Miyao)

University of Kansas (Michael Baskett)

McGill University (Tom Lamarre, Yukiko Furuhata)

University of Florida (Maureen Turim, Scott Nygren, Joe Murphy)

University of Toronto (Eric Cazdyn)

Carleton University (Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano)

University of Southern California (Anne McKnight, Akira Lippit)

University of California, Irvine (Jonathan Hall)

University of Rochester (Joanne Bernardi)

Arizona State University (Sybil Thornton)

Concordia University (Catherine Russell, Marc Steinberg)

Update: I've also written about places to study film in Japan.

Another update: I updated the entire list above for 2010. 

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