Kitano Review in Film Quarterly

Arthur Nolletti, Jr., author of the solid book on Gosho Heinosuke, just let me know that Darrell Davis published a review of my Kitano book in the Winter 2009-2010 issue of Film Quarterly. It was nice to read Davis, an expert who published an important article on Kitano in the Summer 2001 issue of Cinema Journal, complement the book, saying it was a "reliable, scrupulous, and illuminating account" that "made a major contribution in detailing Kitano’s public persona," but I was most surprised - and pleased - to see him add: "That Gerow’s handling of his subject would fulfill expectations is no surprise, but wait, there’s more . . . a spark of humor, occasioned perhaps by the acid tongue of Kitano himself." In a book on a comedian, I had to throw in a few gags, but this is the first time anyone has said they worked. 

It's a relief to know this, but I don't plan to give up teaching and start doing manzai

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