Miike at Yasukuni?

I took my class to Yasukuni Shrine on Tuesday, but while we were in the Yushukan, I noticed that they were showing an animated film directed by Miike Takeshi entitled Heiwa e no ukei (A Vow for Peace). Searching on the net, it seems that while a DVD is available, about the only place it is being sold is Yasukuni. One should be suspicious of anything at Yasukuni (the controversial shrine celebrating Japan's soldiers, including its war criminals) as well as at the Yushukan (their museum celebrating the sacrifices of Japanese soldiers but failing to mention who they killed). One should also beware of their definition of "peace", since in most cases it is merely rhetoric justifying the pursuit of war. But I do wonder what kind of film this is. I found one right-wing blog praising it, but little else. I didn't have time to watch it (even though it is a little under an hour), and I don't like spending money at Yasukuni, so I didn't buy the DVD. It is apparently in two parts, one about the origins of the Yamaga Lantern festival, the other about Matsuo Keiu, who attacked Sydney Harbor in a midget submarine during WWII. I sent a post to KineJapan to see if anyone else knows about it.

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